Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions and Answers

What is Merchant Payment?

Accurate Payment, for the first time in Nepal, has introduced the a payment module that allows our members to make payments with our associated outles for dining and shopping. Use our web platform or app to make these payments from your bank account or wallet making carrying cash and debit/ credit cards redundant. 

NPR 15.00 will be charged on every transaction to our members as a service charge and an instant notification will be provided about the payment to the members and associated outlets a.k.a merchants.

What is Accurate Payment credit?

Accurate Payment credits are bonus given to you for using Accurate Payment services. The Accurate Payment credits will accumulate as a bonus in your bonus wallet which can later be used to purchases Accurate Payment services.

We provide 2% bonus on each successful transactions on NTC, Ncell, UTL, Smart Cell, Dish Home TV, SIM TV and Broadlink. The bonus gets accumulated and can be used in Accurate Payment services.15% TDS will be deducted from the bonus as required by the law. 

However, transactions done with bonus credit will not provide further bonuses. 


How does Accurate Payment work?

You register with Accurate Payment with a free account and upon verification you can use your bank account with our partner banks to make payments. You can use the e-banking service to make these payments or to load your wallet. You can use it in our web platform or by downloading our app for android and ios. 

Upon successfully transmitting the payment you will receive notification about the same instantly.

How can I use my Accurate Payment credit and when can I use it?

The bonus you receive on each transactions will be accumulated in your bonus wallet and you can use it anytime you like on the services we provide. The bonus accumulated in your account can be seen in by logging in to your profile under bonus credits.

Once the bonus reached NPR 100.00 your bonus wallet gets activated in the payment module and you can use it at your discretion. 

What assurances do I get that the bills are paid?

For Merchant payment, upon every successful transaction, a system generated notification will be send to your registered email as well as your app. The associated outlets a.k.a merchants also simultaneously receives the notification. 

For Utility bills payment, you will receive the notification in your registered email and app and also from the service provider upon execution of successful transaction assuring the payment being made.

The payment is executed using your bank account adding additional layer of security.

How do I pay my bills?

Log in to your account and select the service you want to use. Fill the information required and enter your pin to initiate the payment process.

In case the payment is done via wallet, upon entering the pin and proceeding will execute the transaction. In case of using your bank account, entering the pin and proceeding with the execution will forward you to the bank's e-banking environment.

What are the charges I need to pay to use Accurate Payment services?

Registering to Accurate Payment is absolutely FREE!!!

Bill payment to NTC, Ncell, Smart Cell, UTL, Broad-link, Dish Home TV and SIM TV will provide 2% bonus credits after deducting the TDS in your account. Therefore, with these services you acutally make money.

For other services such as merchant payment, SUBISU, world-link and NEA bills a minimal amount of NPR 15.00 will be charged as a service charge. 

How can I register to Accurate Payment bill payment solutions?

Signing up with us with the information required will instigate the system that will in turn send a verification link in your registered email. Upon verifying your email, you will require to upload government issued legal document.

Upon uplaoding the document, Accurate Payment admin will verify the document with the information provided. Once the verification is complete, you will be a member of Accurate Payment and will be able to use all of our services provided via web platform and app.